Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"


The game was good. It's a great sequel and I like it. The problem is that I can't look at my in-game medals except for some of it. Some of them are there but the others are in black

xdragonx10 responds:

No clue what you're talking about.

An amazing game!

Was great fun, alot of the achievements were fun to get, and the melee weapons put it on a whole new level above the first game, magic didn't seem so good compared to bows, maybe have magic radiate out in a circle or something in future, but really enjoyable nonetheless!

Some people seem to have issues with control being for pots, i'd move them up to the 1 2 3 keys, easy to access from WASD. Maybe also on del end pg down, for the arrow key players too. (laptop users go away =P)

It's a 10

I give it 10, because it's got my attention ad didn't put it till i beat the game, loved playing it . Thanks.

Really good

I enjoyed it and didn't give up until I finished the game, the last stage is pretty much the bullet hell, and I liked it, even though the rock enemies were more a nuisance than a challenge.

My only "problem" was the music: I use to play with my own music, so I was a bit disappointed when I found out I could only mute the game, not only the music.

Apart this, this game is awesome and deserves every ten it could get.

Just awesome!

The game was splendid and well made but this had a little more kick and taste than the first but so far I loved everything and I don't see why people complain over the good glitches, I mean seriously just deal with the good glitches that make you win. :)

And here's a little tip for the cheaters, turn on the cheats that you chose and then quit the game and then load it again and you have them, and will be able to use the cheats and get achievements to!

So far best game, and wondering why isn't there going to be a third?