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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"

Been waiting for this after seeing it on AG

A lot more variety than the first game, especially with melee and magic added, and the bosses are much less boring to fight now.
Saving feature also helps a lot.
I especially liked how the normal foes are much more interesting now, they explode and leave traps etc. and there's some strategy involved in which to kill first.

Mana potions don't heal much MP, hence making magic seem a bit underpowered.
The blackout effect seems a bit extreme, and especially should not hide the menu at the top.
Might want to make the hitboxes on the enemy fireballs a bit smaller. They often hit me even when there's space for my guy to pass between two of them.
The last level is pretty laggy even on low quality, and my PC is pretty good..
not really serious problems though.

How do I get that 5% final boss death achievement?
I died when he had almost no health and it didn't work :(
How about the 50% HP one? Do I have to beat the whole game without going above 50% or what? Or can I do each level separately?
Also, I can't seem to get the "play 5 times" achievement.

Minor bugs:
Sometimes the blackout effect appears under the enemies, so you can still see some things.
Some of the items in the shop are named incorrectly, such as the DarkBow/Compound Bow ++ and Acid/Poison arrow, I'm assuming that's cause you changed the names from the original version.
Also, accidentally having Caps Lock on prevents me from opening the inventory, might want to leave a warning about that somewhere.

This is my longest review ever! Gratz on a neat game!

just like the first part

its just addicting and awesome just like the first one
keep it up

woohooo 2nd is here

The first one brought a good amount of fun but this one brings even more!!I love this game good work!!


This game was awesome, having a bow, weapon, and a spell. It was addicting and made my day


surprisingly fun game to play, very engaging.