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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"

a glitch

i got the ultimate bow halfway thru the game and wreacked everything wow i musta been really lucky. anyway this is amazing 10/10

There is a bug at walking.

Sometimes my character will keeping moving at a direction even when I didn't press any button.


really awesome game but the walking wasnt working for me


wow..this game brings back memories of all the games i've p;ayed like this XD

One of my favorites

This isn't so much a review, as a massive thank you. I love this game dearly, and it is quite possibly my favorite. The upgrading system and gameplay is what really drives the enjoyment here, and I love that the game is lengthy without the need for constant grinding. If you were to make a third, or for that matter a new, related game, might I suggest a slightly different format? The only setback here is the repetition that I think stems from a static environment. The variety of backdrops was nice, but all in all, we're still looking at essentially the same bird's eye view of a simple, static 2-d plane. I'm just nitpicking here, however, and I can't even recall how many hours I have burned playing this sucker. Many thanks for the hard work, and I look forward to future submissions.