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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"

not good

it sucks that you have to restart the whole game if you die a certain amount of times


way to much crap going on for the little health you get from potions costing 2gs trying to pick up money becomes a waste when the screen is coverd in sludge when using the first crossbow it becomes a wild turkey shoot trying to hit enemies while your arrows split around them enemies getting smaller faster while dodging sludge fireballs arrows alltogether addictive kinda fun needs some work


This game is Amazing!
I like the graphics but it feels like the game is controlling
me and i cant seem to beat the boss because the screen keeps pushing me out!
can you make the game pause when the mouse gets pushed out of the window?
Besides all that this game is amazing!
Im giving you an 8 out of 10

Awesome Game! ... 'cept for a couple big flaws

Overall the game is really fun. I like the vast system of achievements. This coudl go far. But there are a couple flaws that rather ruin it.

First of all, HOW DO I HEAL?? There seems to be no way of regaining lost health other than A) using healing potions (very limited supply!), or B) dying & continuing (only useable 3 times period!). Given that combat involves running smack into enemies and getting hit by ranged attacks, every 1.2 seconds, this is a VITAL issue.

Second, controls are not very intuative. I have a spell (Comet), but am still not sure how I fire it, or even IF I have been. Took me a couple rounds to figure out how I need to "equip" meelee weapons or special arrows in order to use them.

Third, THAT DAMN BLINDNESS EFFECT! All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the whole screen goes blank, but I'm still fighting, and of course taking massive massive damage without being able to do much about it. Make it either last only 1 or 2 seconds instead of how long it does, or make the screen go *mostly* dark, but allow me to see a vague outline of myself & other moving things.

Not that great

Movement often fucks up and the overall game aint that great either it's very repetive