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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"

awesome because of a cheat

there was a glitch so it gave me 2.5 million gold so thats y i gave it a 9 out of 10 because u need to test it mor so there r no glitches but i bought like 100 of everything so it was awesome

Great game with some bumps

I loved the game and it was nice to be able to see my arrows on whatever I hit but having too many arrows on screen at once (mainly on bosses) makes the game lag even with low quality and set to unlimited so on all boss fights I had to use melee weapons then it worked fine.

Another thing that I found is even I start a new game the quality would reset to mid, not a big deal but just a heads up.

Overall I still enjoyed the game and it's one of the better games using the overhead view with mass foes type of game play.


it was alright but the cheats have to be unlocked


I agree 100% @Sharker24

it was really ruined with lag


Cant spam arrows, move too much, or do too many things at once because the game will start to get laggy as hell

kinda killed the enjoyment for me