Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"


If you open your inventory (i) then pause the game (p) the game will play anyway and you will die if you do not un-pause and fight :/

um how do i use magic

i cant find out anyone who can tell me it will be appreciated

Awsome But 1 Problem

Great game but i had manny issues with Stick keys. Gave the game an 8 because of stick keys.

easy way to get achiements

theres a way to get achiments in the game with cheats (cant use super speed and all that stuff only can use things that give u stuff like the munny cheat and bow cheat) turn on the cheats and beat the wave/level buy a bunch of life potions then save when u go on to to the next level pause and quit then load your game and start playing u will know when it work when u earn achiments and have the best arrows and like 9999999 munny. HOPE THIS HELPS U.


the other day i was playing soooo long. i was very addicted, and i never really get addicted to games. i thought,"this was so fun, i will even play after school again." because it was THAT FUN. i came back thinking i could load my data, but so far i havent been able to. :(