Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"

Pretty Excellent

Very fun, nice work. My only problem is that it doesn't ever tell you how to use melee weps/ spells, even though there's no real reason to use them.

take me so long

every singel achivement
I remeber when i was first playing this
it was adicting and the music was cool
but when i looked at the achivements
i thougt something like: WHAT THE FUCK!
but, i finaly did it
this game was realy great
but the 50% healt thing was way to hard
hard is not bad

Has Potential

This game could be really fun but it has alot of things you could improve. For instance when I'm buying something I want to know exactly what I already have so maybe add a comparison button. In-game also lags alot for me. I'm not sure if its like that for everyone or not so I didn't factor that into the score. Anyways, alright game just needs improvements.


this is an awesome game but...
i think it gets too hard when u get to the ice boss
i probably just suck tho ;)
its still awesome
and for those that are like me and the menu gets all messed up, just refresh
plus, u get achievements from that i think

Very addictive fun

This game was really fun i didn't stop playing until it got into a glitch when then the game decided not to continue but anyways really fun game and great job :D