Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"


The achievements you put in the game are just not sane anymore. "Start the game"?!?
This game looks more like 'Achievement Unlocked' than a shooter.
Try being more realistic with achievements next time. No one wants an achievement for starting a game. (Or muting the sound, for that matter.)
Still a good game though, could use some instructions for the hotkeys IN the game, for those that do not bother reading the author's note.


One other thing I find annoying is that I have every single achievement except the one to play the game twice; mind you, I did play the game twice... but on different loads of the game. My second playthrough was to get my 60 minutes achievement and submit score achievement (didn't care for achieve till after first play). So I'm disappointed that I'm not getting my last achievement.


Man, this reminds me of Gauntlet...the newer ones...and if you're dying too easily, then YOU SUCK!!!


Its a great game! I just kinda need to know how to use the other wepons, like how to switch to them when you have spells. (example how to switch from bow and arrow to spells)


love the game!
the music remenber me some game or anime...wit is?
anyway good game!