Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"


very boring not too interesting


Even better than the first! This game is epic! If only there were fortresses/mass battles... Meh...

The best part of this game is the upgrades, far apart from each other, meaning that I can play them all instead of saving up for the uber weapon like in most other games.

Really nice little game

Aside from some problems with the save function, which can be frustrating for the players, this game is great.

I love the graphic style with its aerial view, and the gameplay is interesting although a bit repetitive if you choose to only use one kind of weapon (e.g. bow).

The bosses are challenging enough, and the shop offers a wide variety of items, weapons etc. which can diversify the gameplay even more.

To sum up, in my opinion this game deserves a solid 8/10, and I hope there will be a sequel.


not sure if this is just me or something but when i saved i had to stop a script and well, had to refresh and that led to 3/4 of the game screen being black... at least u could still playing using the top left corner :P... and this all happened cause i saved.
didn't even get to the second lvl -.-

and seriously... do we need an achievment for hitting start :/
if you put achievments in, can you make then reasonable?


Very fun, but saving your file makes the game freeze and lag for a few seconds.