Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"


my vote is worth 2.82 people!!!!!!!!!!! XD oh ya, good game

Just forgot something

Fun game and all, doesnt require a brain to play, which is cool.
Just a thing. How the HELL do you access to the shop.?
No indications on that in the little 'instruction manual'.

great game but....

arnt daggers usuall small knives? NOT bigger then your entire body?


Exelente game, but, i didn't agree with ghostender and debojeet22das

the game is awesome, but, it's the same as one (gameplay)

and, if it took to long , it's because your computer it's to old, slow....

buy a new one.

the file is 9.4 mb not to heavy!!!

nevermind, great game.

it takes to long to load

and i agree with debojeet22das and all of u say its awsome u just keep waiting it took me 2 hours just to wait to play it