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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"


Good game, the music starts to be annoying after some mins, same as the game, it gets bored after a while, but the game itself is nice, the upgrades, etc.

I gave a 5/5 rating

xdragonx10 responds:

You can mute it. Glad you liked the game though.

Lotsa fun!!

The only problem I might note is that I was on the Ice Stage, and the white crosshairs for the cursor matched in with the white/light blue ground. It was hard to aim, thinking the cursor is across the screen, then he suddenly turns around because it was close to him. Having the money disappear, or not having enough time to collect it after the last enemy is dead, was kinda a bummer too.

Otherwise, great. :D

xdragonx10 responds:

I've heard the ice complaint a few times, might change it.

I've responded to the money thing a few times, look through the previous replies.

this game is awesome

but there was a bug i beat level 3 and 3/4 of the screen went black for some reason o well still its an awesome game

xdragonx10 responds:

I thought I fixed this, any details on what you did to make it occur would be appreciated.

Still has same issues as first one

* It's annoying having to try to fend off enemies AND try to run around and collect the money before it disappears at the same time.

* It's annoying that the money even dissappears in the first place.

* It's annoying that when the last enemy is dead, the screen to mvoe on auto-pops up, so you can't finish collecting your hard-earned gold.

I didn't bother playing past level 5, because it was too much of a pain in the ass trying to get money. I dumped an hour or two of time playing the first one that came out, just to get stuck on a level with a hoard of enemies running around I couldn't kill fast enough b/c I ran out of special arrows. Since you obviously haven't taken suggestions from players from the first game, I'm not going to waste time on this one.

xdragonx10 responds:

Actually, when I initially released the game on Armorgames I had taken players suggestions of allowing the player as much time as they wanted to collect the gold before they proceeded to the shop. I was shocked at the amount of negative feedback about that system being too complicated and that they wanted me to make it more like the first, so I again took their suggestion and changed it.


Kept me going for at least 2 hours... Found a small bug though. At a certain point (level 23?) My health went 1.5 times over my maximum health. It covered my score and all.

xdragonx10 responds:

Details please.