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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage 2"

great, but...

there are a few glitches that need to be worked out. for instance, when i got to level 21, it wouldnt let me change weapon types or access my inventory. i tried going back to the menu and reloading the level, but the same thing happened. also, earlier in the game, when i was playing, all of a sudden the armor games logo came on and the game restarted. i dont remember exactly what lvl i was on when that happened though. so work out those kinks and it should be awesome

xdragonx10 responds:

You might have had caps lock on for the first bug. I'm not sure about the armorgames logo bug, any more details on that would be nice.


This is the best game i have ever played! only thing is that for every game achievemant past 100 u get the 100 achievements achivement

xdragonx10 responds:

Thanks for the bug report, fixing now.

Sweet, but super glitchy

I've never played a game this glitchy before. The achievements stopped working for me at around 10 minutes, and the game has been glitchy since. Its really hard to play when every level I glitch and have to refresh the page and start over. Otherwise, great game.

xdragonx10 responds:

Is it the 3/4 of the screen glitch? I think the ads may have been causing it. I took the inter-level ones out so that should stop happening. Any more details on the other bugs would be appreciated.


i LOVE these games and this is a great 1.. tho i feel there are a few problems..

the main problem i find is the courser. it should be changed to run as desktop courser .. its a little too laggy like this and that brings any shooting game way down.

also the gold.. the despawn time should be maybe double what it is now and the lvl shudnt end untill u confirm it. giving the player more time to gather the gold at the end. maybe even give the player gold automatically so they dont have to pick it up.. but lower it so they dont get too much.

noticed a bug.. or what i think is a bug.. the redish guys at the start seem to dissapear =/ and then leave a big dark circle.. some lvls i stood on top of the circle for ages and nothing happened so this leads me to think its a bug and they arnt intended to go invisible.
and a better explanation of the weapons/ammo and gear would also be great.

also think that the blind is a bit too long -.- pretty annoying cut it by about 2 seconds and i think u have the making of an awsome game.

oh.. and seemed to get a few medols which arnt stated above.. please list all available medols :)

xdragonx10 responds:

Glad you enjoy the game :)

Some people like the custom cursor, others don't. So far more people have liked it in it's current state so unless I start getting a lot of negative feedback about it, I'll keep it the way it is.

Again, that's how it was previously but people had issues figuring out what to do so I changed it. I might extend the amount of time after a level for you to pick up gold though.

That's not a bug, they're going underground and creating a dark circle was the best way I could represent it. They don't come up based on whether or not you're on top of them, it's just random. There's not really too much to explain, everything in the shop descriptions is everything you need to know.

Not really sure what to do with the blinding substance, I've had a lot of comments about it all saying/suggesting different things. Right now, I think it's fine as-is. Thanks :)

And which medals would those be?

I wasn't

I wasn't Expecting a second one i played the first one yesterday so i didn't know
anyway great game dude its good as the first but better.
If i find any bugs i will PM them to you. Good luck!

xdragonx10 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the bug reports :)