Reviews for "-King Poseidon-"

I agree this is not typical Waterflame, but I think that your talents work well even under the rock genre. The guitar background definitely gave the song the epic feel, and with superior headphones, they made me get up and jam out to it.

I'd say keep experimenting with guitar, but don't simply give more parts to it, just switch around 1 guitar among background and melody. Obviously your forte is the creation of melodies, so try to incorporate the guitar. Maybe look at guitar solos from a band like Rhapsody of Fire, that incorporate the lead into their entrancing music.

Your song made me feel like a champion of my patron god POSEIDON. Please continue the tributes!

Excellent Dude! Keep it coming. :D

its very very good, but with the electic acordian, it gave off a kind of piraty feel, and in all it didnt do a god justice

Yeah, this really isn't the usual Waterflame stuff. Wasn't expecting something like this, really. It's awesome nonetheless! I love it :D Great you're happy with what you've done yourself, too. It's always good if you're satisfied with your work :3 Keep it up, love you man, the usual stuff and I'm diggin' this as well x3

Waterflame responds:

thank you :D !!

this surely is different from the usual WaterFlame, i like it

Waterflame responds:

Thanks :D ive been wanting to do a track like this for ages, i just couldnt get close to a realistic sounding guitar without recording one, before now that is :D