Reviews for "-King Poseidon-"

You just did it...you reached the thron of awesomeness...congratulations!!!!!!
I can´t image a song which could be more epic than this piece of epicness and I´m hearing your music for years.
I thought chaotic would always be your masterpiece...until now :D

another good one dont by u awesome dude

kick@$$ now i feel like beating the $%it outta something

It says heavy metal... I always skip something what's tagged as heavymetal. But not the songs from Waterflame! 1:33 : I think it would sound a bit cooler if the guiter was more stereo/surrounded :) But great song as usual and also goodwork Dutton!! :D If he ever read it

really great even more if it is your first real try

we still feel your style on it anyway, nicely balanced