Reviews for "-King Poseidon-"

This metalhead approves! Excellent blend of metal and your usual style, would love to see more like this

I must say, especially for a first time, well done mate. There are some points which could improve, but I can't expect that from a first time. Let's give this song a good review.

The beginning was a bit rough, the guitar sometimes sounded a tad off, still, it's way better than the regular stuff I hear on here. Furthermore, dont be afraid to pull the guitar a bit more in front, a bit louder, just a bit more represented. Overall sound was great, for a first time close to perfect, just pass those points I mentioned into your next song, and you should do great. Try polishing the guitar a bit and you've got yourself a masterpiece.

Rating as followed: 4/5, 9/10. Keep improving, give that little extra edge and you've got one hell of a good rock song.

Greetz, Tomster1000

I don't like rock and I love this.

nice work dude you should make one of hades

My heart skipped a beat when I heard this, that's how awesome this is. U and Dutton should join forces. If you made this earlier, it could've been the final battle muzick 4 castle crashers. Keep it up.