Reviews for "-King Poseidon-"

The music was good, but still not 5 worthy for me until 1:37, then it became a new epic PS2 music for my list!

This is amazing. I love the layering. I would love to hear this as a boss theme in a game, or some bad ass sequence in an animation.

Would you mind if i use this for my game this will be a boss fight song. I'll give you all the credit on the song and I'll use your new grounds id.

I hate 90% of rock tracks, but this is pretty nice, and I could probably imagine it in a few boss scenes in some games. Nice work :P

I saw "Heavy Metal" and I thought, "Oh no, it's going to be a bunch of random racket on a distortion guitar." But it wasn't just a bunch of random racket. This is pretty cool, especially with the other electronic elements mixed in.

I don't sympathize with the feeling of 'an epic battle with Poseidon'. I think the track would have to have more harshness, more speed, more overarching dynamic for me to feel that. This track has a rather level feeling all the way through.