Reviews for "-King Poseidon-"

Thanks to laggy Firefox,the music remixed itself,making awesome track more awesome.
So is the score:
10x2x16x1024=327680 / 10

Can't stop listening. As usual. :)

You should team up with SyTeQ. He is doing nice Electro-Metal-Tracks as well.

Like someone below me has already said, it's 5 star material 1:35 ish onwards :)

Very well done. :D I really don't have anything else to say, it was pretty well done, and the small parts throughout the song with the relaxing opera was okay.

5 Stars for the newbie rock mixer (even though its labeled as metal)!
You did a damn good job with this piece that's for sure, but you do have one little tinsy flaw with this glorified, sexy illustration of music: Drums are a bit over-powering. They kind of drown out the rest of the track in general, but hey! Its supposed to have an underwater, pulse pounding beat right? Your lead is crisp and I like that! Not often you find newbies with talent. =-)