Reviews for "Captain Crash"


Wow. This is a great game! Extremely addicting! Good work guys.

I like the layout. The game is very responsive and feels great.

The audio is compelling, as well as funny and well done.

Finally, the art is great for the game. Fits the style and music perfectly. Or the music fits the great art perfectly.

Well done.

Freaken Sweet

This game is great. It has all the aspects of a cannon/shoting guy game. I also like how it workes off that song and the anouncer type voice over's. Maybe you should try replacein the ingame badges with NG medals?

captain captain captain crash!

he is going oh so fast! lol awesome music the only complain i have is that its too hard to get 1000 cash to upgrade each time

Some strange things.

There is a kind of bag when your speed become too fast or you reach 4000. Everything dissapear and you only can press "menu" button.


Even thought it was hard to get the coin, it was a pretty damn good game. Challenging, satisfying.. It was like drunk masturbation.