Reviews for "Captain Crash"

Not Bad

It isn't a bad game... good music and base idea. However, there are four major flaws. The first is that there is little to no skill factor involved in getting a high score. It's all timing of the release and pure dumb luck. I'd recommend some sort of "post shot" controls.

The second flaw is that the upgrades are mostly cosmetic and the "useful" upgrades create a hardly noticible change. Even with all 3 of them maxed, it's still pure luck to get over two thousand meters.

Third, getting money is ludicrously difficult. You need some sort of easier method added in. Perhaps $1 for every 10 meters, or money collected at a greater distance is worth more.

Finally there is a game-breaking glitch that occurs when you hit too many gas cans in a row. My character was going so fast that it exceeded the game's acceptable values and the ground simply stopped moving and no more obsticles/bonuses appeared. I have managed to do this twice so far.

My last complaint is merely cosmetic. I don't know where you learned physics, but slippery objects like oil would normally reduce friction, and be more likely to speed you up than slow you down. Call it tar instead and add a sticky sound effect.

It was ok

Awesome theme song lmao, there wasn't much in the usefull upgrades department. One of the main reasons these type of games are fun are the cool upgrades, but most upgrades in this game were merely cosmetic and didn't effect gameplay.

really fun

Nice and simple, a fun game to waste some boring time :)

nice work


I want to get to #1 but i like my score being 4 6s lol

I had fun though spent like 2 hours on it

definite money fail

I love these kinds of games and this one had the potential to be awesome, but I just couldn't go on launch after launch of not getting ANY money. You need to get money for distance or at least increase the amount/size of the money bags. Otherwise, the game was pretty good