Reviews for "Captain Crash"

Great. but change the sound of oil.

It is a useless review.
i got third place

Is okay....

Nothing new, but kewl music gets bonus points.


As others have said, the little cash icons are way too small and you need to be rewarded for the distance your shot goes.

I'd also suggest taking a look at the trampolines. A lot of the time they actually seem to slow you down and jack up your bounce instead of helping like they should. I've seen several fast and high angle bounces hit on and turn into a slow low angle dribble along the ground. Very frustrating.

Good fun, but...

The size of the money 'tokens' is a bit too small, I often went for many trips in a row without getting anything. I think the game would feel more rewarding if you made money a little easier to get, but slightly increased the costs of the upgrades maybe. Also, there is not enough effective upgrades (ie, not cosmetic) for the game to seem worth it for me :/. Also, maybe some way of changing the way Captain Crash moves whilst in the air, otherwise it's all just pure luck, which doesn't make a great game tbh. Sorry for the moan :P


simple, fun, sound and graphics are effective, physics are good...but money is way to hard to acquire... cash for distance plz ^^