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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"


It seems like a game that came out 10 years ago!!!

Bad things that needs ton of work:
1. All the enemies have longer ranges
2. All moves should be taught at beginning
3. When you touch an enemy they hurt you...
4. Leonardo and Donatello are supposed to have a longer range...It didn't seem that way at all.
5. What's the point of Casey Jones, Raphael, and Michelangelo??? Splinter, Leonardo, Donatello can do damage to everything in the screen...
6. The shell stomp thing is kind of cheap. When you get out of it, for a second, you are invincible. So you just keep on doing it and you get no damage.
7. The Shell stomp for Raphael and Michelangelo is the same damage as Leonardo and Donatello.... Why??? Rapael and Michelangelo should be stronger all around....
8. Why show the instructions at the beginning of every single level? It's very annoying. The Hide option shouldn't even be an option. Just make it so you can access the instructions anytime not show it all the time.
9. Ninja Turtles song??? Where is it?
10. Pizza Delivery guys is pretty useless. He barely heals your health.
11. When enemies start to attack, it doesn't matter if you are attacking, you get hit.
12. You can't hit while landing. Even if it shows the character attacking, it doesn't count.
13. Jump attacks are pretty hard to use. Sometimes the attack doesn't seem to work.

Since I stopped at the first 3 stages, I can't say anything about the machines or whatever.
But there were way too many problems for me to even go on playing.

This needs to not be on the front page. If it helps fund newgrounds I'm ok with it though.


I don't even feel the need to elaborate on what exactly was horrible. If you're bored enough, play this game and you'll soon find out.


This game is awful!SOOOOOOOO boring..... its 1/10 actually make that 0/10