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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"

it is ok

if you made the attack faster i wuold like more

Is all right.....

I think it took a little long to load for the gameplay... not bad, but jnot spacial

Very repetitive

This game was technically correct, in that it was well-executed, the play controls were fine, and the game's model, concept and execution were solid. However, it just lacked the variety necessary to hold my interest. The game could be improved by adding something for the player to work towards such as additional unlockable characters, weapons, and mini-games. There is a lot of potential here to be improved upon.

BTW, kakashi1432, this game was not based on a movie "a few years ago." The Ninja Turtles characters have been around in every conceivable media since 1984.

pretty cool

would have been better with more direct beat em up elements

this plain sucks

It's not terrible but it stops being fun after about 5 mins.