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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"

it was ok

it was ok it kept stopping but the game kept playing when it froze

Great platform game!

First off, I love the nostalgia of a good ol' classic style TMNT game. Though truth be told, I would have loved it even more if it was based on the TMNT of the original series from the 80s that we all loved.
The sprites are well designed, the music suits the game perfectly, and the unique specialties of the ninja turtles and the support characters was a nice touch.
The only thing I had a problem with was the trickiness of bouncing off walls. Though that's probably because I used my keyboard.

I see some people complaining that this game didn't have enough wistles and bells and wasn't "shiney" enough. But ya know what? It's a true retro game, and I appreciate it for that. The game has a nice charm to it.
And really, why would someone want the game to be longer? I don't have all day to play a game. It was perfect on my break. ^_^

Very cool.

Brings back that nostalgic feeling from those old TMNT Arcade games.

Great Game, wish it was longer!

This game woulda made a great addition to a Game Boy back in the day!
The game was very challenging at certain levels, and I like the choice of different super moves. Walking into enemies and it damaging you was annoying, but it might have been too easy if it wasn't, perhaps a block function? But everything else was just great.
Idea: Make it longer and into a iPhone app!

it was ight.

Fun game but kinda the same thing over and over and was pretty easy!