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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"

love it

Could have done a little better with the music though. Nice job anyway.


great game, i enjoyed playing it and level 14 left me on the ass end of an ass kicking. but eventually i beat it. i only have one reason why this isnt a 9, and im sure its an easily fixable one and it really isnt a big deal, but it did make me take a lot more damage than i should have on level 14.

when i do the shell slam (bowser from smash bros.?) i sometimes would accidentally land on top of the enemy while i was blinking. this wouldnt be a problem except that my attack range cant hit them if their too close to me. it would reach past them and i ended up taking 1 or 2 more hits before i could finally get to the proper range.

that rare occurence aside, this game was great. a helluva challenge, but a fun time beating it

Good job guys!

Good job on the game, I played it quite a while and it kept me busy

to Drunkenninja12, take the time to check things before giving such a rating and accusing them of stealing a game, if you go into the credits, you can clearly see that urbansquall developped this game, even from Ubisoft's main site.

Nice Game

It's like playing Shinobi (does anybody remember this game) in a Nintendo NES way.
Great fun...

Combat is a little wonky sometimes and the backgrounds get boring quickly, but the game is fun. I liked the character system and the bosses were nice.