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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"

Pretty cool

I'm a reluctant turtle fan and I enjoyed it, plus I like the fact I dont have to hear "turtlepower" in a song, I hated the toon's theme (old and new) , I also like the fact its game play is similar to old console NES games, like the fact that if u get touched you get hit, if you get hit you cant recover quick and brace yerself or you fall off th eplatform when u get hit on air. I still wish there was a difference in damage between turtles. I like the use of splinter, good for handling bosses, Donny is my all time fave n I like using him here cuz he does eem to have longer range. Great job.

i liked it

Loved it but i love the ninja turtle anyways!! i thought it was good


I don't even feel the need to elaborate on what exactly was horrible. If you're bored enough, play this game and you'll soon find out.

Nice Game

It's like playing Shinobi (does anybody remember this game) in a Nintendo NES way.
Great fun...

Decent game...

...though there is a bug, when I'm fighting the big guy(Hun), he just continues to run in place, i can still move around and all, but he is just stuck there running in place lol. Funny how i can move him around by pushing him, but he just continues to run in place! lol Besides that, its a pretty decent game.