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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"

Not bad...

Game is Ok, but how other users already told... A gameplay is improvable

I Love it!!


Good, but could use some improvements

I agree that the foot shouldnt be able to damage you simply by touching you. It makes the game pretty difficult to just pick up and play. Otherwise, pretty good job. Im a hardcore turtle fan so i liked to finally see a good TMNT game on the net, since there arent many.

Love the Ninja Turtles

but I find that the fact that you get damaged just from touching the foot clan to be a little ridiculous. This is just my humble opinion so take it or leave it. It just doesn't make any sense since they both have the ability to attack and hurt the player as well as... apparently hurt the player with just their presence.

Out done yourself

i only say it because im an ORIGINAL teenage mutant ninja fan from back in the day.

i hope they do cartoons of the old stuff. kinda like the TMNT movie (you know the newest) but not a big fan of the newer stuff. LETS GO KICK SOME SHELL!