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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"


Just like old times
very tough but very fun
Multiplayer anyone?
Jumping is a bit challenging
Controls are perfect

not bad

almost felt like a classic snes game a little difficult i could destroy almost everyone but the freaking jumping foot guys beat the crap out of me. i dont get it. anyways. not bad

Great Game

nothing like playing some TMNT. everything was great. kind of hard though.

Nice TMNT game...

...It's somewot difficult, just like a good TMNT game should be.
Although I got final-Shredder to kick in a lava pit, locking him in place so I could just pwn him while he stood still until he died. Which was anticlimatic. I like the story scenes a lot.
Wall jumping was a nice late-game mechanic, although the controls for wall jumping seem way too touchy.

Oh, and the range characters completely outclass the power characters because range = defense, especially against those mechas.

Not bad at all

The controls like umping at times got lil fustrating but these are things that can't be helped with what little you have to work with. Its something I could see playing on a hand held system. I like the option for changing characters and having additional characters who come in for quick special attacks.