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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"

Fine until Level 8....otherwise great

Level 8 seems to be where the learning curve and controls become too much. Just a bit too difficult for me. Not sure if it is the controls or the difficulty but it seems like everything is stacked against you one level 8 and there is no progress bar or anything to tell you if you are even getting close. I liked the game other than that.


It was ok. Could be my flash player or something but everything felt a bit slow and a bit jumpy. I also couldn't work out what the combo thing was about.

it is a very good game

well its just some things dont make sense on lvl 7 when your on the rooftops it seems that the pizza guys pike is majic and it can fly is it hmmm i thought so and if you havent figured it out you can do a diffrent attack you normal attack twice then duck and attack leading to a very small back before you duck

Pretty legit.

It was tight. Love TMNT :] And definently gave me a feel for the old arcade and SNES games. But still lackin a little more depth than needed. Multiple attack buttons for better combos would be nice. But other than that an overall good game.

this game rules!

I've always been a fan of TMNT.. but damn... this game was awesome. I can't believe someone actually made a TMNT flash game and this is really well put together. Very impressive. I wish I knew how to create such a game.