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Reviews for "TMNT: Double Damage"

This certainly brings back memories!

TMNT kicked ass when I was little! Now it all seems rather stupid... But very well done game...

Thats how ya advertise a game

If this was on PSN, You bet i would buy it. It sucks though, cause ive heard some harsh things about smash up itself. Good idea going with fun, over graphics.

Turtle Power!

Great game, Very well animated sprites.
Feels just like the classic 10/10

Getting hurt by enemies by touching them was in the original ninja turtles game
I assume he's trying to keep some of the "originalness" from the classics.

Same as TheRandomDot, BUT...

I got the same problem with Firefox, but when I tried Chrome, it worked well... That means, NEXT button appeared in the lower right corner as it should, but with Firefox, it didn't...
And I found 2 more glitches:
1) While fighting the Hun, when I killed the two foot ninjas and he ran towards me, I used special attack with Casey Jones, he got stuck in the same position and I couldn't kill him. I had to restart the level.
2) While fighting the Shredder in the last level, he jumpslided to the right acid tank and got stuck at the edge, so I could finish him off easily....
Otherwise, the game was really good- balanced gameplay, good story, not too hard but challenging, nice music. I would give 10, but for glitches (especially the one with Firefox, it can really ruin the whole thing to some people) I can't. Fix them and it will be great game. PM me if you need more specific info on my system configuration to fix it and keep up the good work! :-)


Controls are annoying and wth? I get hurt from touching them? First fighter I've played where you get hurt just for touching them... screws up how smooth the gameplay is.

Otherwise it's well drawn.