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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"


broken platforms do not reset when you die
ok otherwise, maybe you can add momentum

Well done.

The music was nice background and wasn't distracting.
The gameplay was simple to grasp, but the challeneg was good.
I really have no complaints about this.
The graphics were simplistic, but they worked.
I really appreciated the tiles glowing when you're above them during a jump, it really helps you understanding where you are in relation to the rest of the area.

keep up the good work. :D

Nice game.

But i hate plat formers like this.
Always pisses me off.

Any ways, a thing to consider is the camera. Some times when I jump, the camera wouldn't show the right way, and makes it alot more confusing.

Another is, sometimes, the plat form is just a color, but when you jump on to them, you'll fall. So that's another thing to be fixed.

Puzzle Platformer

The first early puzzles were easy, then it starts to get hard, but creative. I like it. But if your going to make a second one, add some appearance to the game. Like unlock new spheres to use, or change the backround. Not just a picture in the backround, but add a animated backround. Just add more special effects, and it'll be good. Make sure you add power ups or something if your going to make the next game.


I'd enjoyed it. It's a simple puzzle that still makes you lose. I love games like these.