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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"

A Fun Little Arcade Game

I enjoyed playing it. The fact that the square you're under lights up even when you are in the air was very thoughtful and I wish similar games had picked up on this idea.

really great game

Only flaw was slightly irritating camera system


a nice idea and good sounds but cant say the same to music a great creation well done but needs backgrounds not just a black void and thanks for the viev changer its realy good


while sometimes i was extremely frustrated with the game, I really enjoyed it. I found myself screaming at the screen when I couldnt time my jumps to dodge the switching red and white blocks.
and I loved how i was beating up about not being able to time something and then i realised that i could just jump all the way over the obstacle i was having trouble with.

There were a few glitches. for example i would often fall through the diagonals. If you make another, which I personally would enjoy greatly, I hope you put in a kind of camera that you can use to view the level so that you can make a plan to attack it.


The lack of shaddow under the ball is the only problem with this game it wuld help alot if ther wuld be a shadow witch you can use as a aim.