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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"


this game is horrible. it made me more bored then entertained...
the reason it does this is because theirs little difficulty because ":gasp: o noes i died...o wait same points and 3 more lives...huh..." (add a death penalty)
also. on some levels it seems impossible to be able to do and when u almost do complete it only to be sent back to start its annoying (add a check point system into some lvls)

until u do that 4/10 2/5 once thats done maybe higher.

Not worthy of front page

Buggy. and stupid.
if you try to go on stairs, then you fall through and you die. (level 3, cliff).
Plus, when you run out of lives, then the game bugs and the buttons dont work so you have to refresh the page.
Its almost impossible to not fall off the edge.

elmortem responds:

Try jump to get on stairs.

Way to buggy

And it would but much better if you made it 2d, the camera really took away my enjoyment.


how do you even start it?


When more than 2 keys are pressed (such as forward and right/left) the jump button often does not work. Pretty buggy.