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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"

Nothing new, nothing special..

Yeah, like the title says, its nothing I haven't seen or played before. Also hated the camera angle; it makes the game almost unplayable, and incredibly annoying, as you can't properly judge distances.

However, that being said, I liked the game. It had good mechanics, adequate 3D graphics, and a usable control system.

Hope to see a new and improved Jumpix 3 though!

i agree

i agree with waitwut. the angles arnt that great. and maby give the ball a shadow?

Stale concept, doesn't deliver

This was a simplistic game reminiscent of Marble Madness or that sweet marble game on Xbox Live Arcade that I can't remember the name of. But this game fails because it's visually boring and the controls don't respond cleanly. I can appreciate the option to change the camera angles, but having a bonus that decreases the more you change camera views is rediculous. Shouldn't be in there. Overall was pretty lackluster and boring.

keyboard limits

very nice, but in some keyboards there is that 3 keys combination limit, i mean, while going down-right (2 keys) i could not jump (third key)

quite fun tough

Shouldn't have lives

the graphics are great, You've done well with the 3d. But it had lives.

elmortem responds:

In Time Mode you have infinite lives.