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Reviews for "Jumpix 2"

Is all right.

Cute 3d platformer. could use better camera control though.

Not bad, could be made better

It is entertaining to play, and enjoyable for a while. On the flip side it is very difficult to understand where the platforms are in space, especially on the pink block jumps. Another problem i encountered was when i lost all my three lives, due to the reason stated above, the screen that comes up would bug, flash repeatedly and i couldn't click anything.

A minor bug here and there.

I found a few little problems, the main one that always got me was that I jumped onto a square yet i somehow missed. Not sure how. Happens alot too, so I'm afraid I got very fed up and closed the game. Up to that point it was interesting, reminded me of a game I played back on the PS one called Kula World.

Great concept, flawed implementation

While I love the concept and challenge of the game, you forgot to take into consideration that unless a very expensive gaming keyboard is used - it is impossible to press and hold more than 2 keyboard keys at the same time, thus making all diagonal jumps a pain to complete... especially if you have just enough time to get on and off the blinking lava square. I suggest mapping diagonal movement keys or removing the need for diagonal movement altogether.

elmortem responds:


yeah about that whole 3D thing...

Its looks good on paper but we don't have a joystick or a wii mote or something and constantly changing the camera view is a pain.