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Reviews for "Madness Experimentation"

For what it was...

I'm gonna have to say it was very well done!

I enjoyed the look of it, and despite what you say, the animation has a very nice flow! Also, I never thought of acting it out myself, then animate to that (that would really touch up my FBF)

the low points are obvious, maybe someday this site will get sub-categories for "test" flashes... KUDOS for the effort!

AlmightyHans responds:

yeah im no good at frame by frame so i figured rotoscoping would be the next best bet. ;D


This starting point you've got is really, really good! The animation is great it would be very cool if you could recreate that madness episode (can't remember which one it is). I do understand it would be a lot of work though. Either way, great work keep it up!


Damn short indeed! Not even a megabyte!

¬¬ to short

good concept,but make it more longest,seriusly,it'srealy short ¬¬


im not sure, whether it was good or bad, nice try