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Reviews for "Magic School Bus: Grade 5"

good times eh bitches?

ya ya WHAT NOW?! WHAT NOW?! U GOT OWNED BITCH 5TH GRADE MUTHA FUCKAA can't w8 until they're freshman XD

We went inside the SUN!

This video is gold. I've watched it numerous times in the last couple of days. Good show! Please make more


WTF? Arnold Buff? LMFAO.
hehe "caaarrrrrrloooooossssss"
Ralphs a druggy?"yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"
lol nicely done

amazingly funny,

i loved ralphy's hand, it looked really...funny? forgot my word.

oh well, thought everything was great and funny.

i think i love you

lol memories

I loved this show as a kid. I really enjoyed this parody nice job.