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Reviews for "Magic School Bus: Grade 5"


This movie is just so F*CKING AWESOME!

I love how the new jock version of Arnold goes mental on Carlos

"Carlos, I warned ya! I told you not to make another pun Carlos, and what do you do? You go and make another pun!"



There is too much epic in this video to describe. Smoking ralphie? Mentally retarded carlos? Pregnant asian-whats-her-face? I don't know why nobody fly swatted the kids in the books when they were kids.
But why the hell is arnold a chisled pimp? I guess a summer can do wonders for even a nerd like him.


WTF happened to Arnold i mean.... just damn


u my sir are a genius so funny

yuss this is awesome

dont listen 2 master pokemon master hes 2 young 2 really appreciate the humor in this :P great stuff make more!!