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Reviews for "Magic School Bus: Grade 5"

I heart the 90's

I don't know if they still do episodes of this, but I know it was the best back in the day.

Anyway, after reading the other reviews, I have to say that not many people are doing you justice. Yes, the animation and SFX are lacking, but I personally think it all adds to the humor. The jokes were funny and the voice acting was good.
Coming from a fan of old school shows like that, you get an A+! *is beaten by red headed kid*

A good idea.

But you didn't unlock its potential.


lololololol that was fuckin hilarious and goddam carlos i always hated that guy

Too Funny!!!

haha, I always imagined Carlos would be the stoner...lol. Still, this is too funny!!!!


carlos was the funniest cause of his stupid puns or the stoners lol its waz all good