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Reviews for "Magic School Bus: Grade 5"

Holy Crap, EPIC

Arnolds arm when hes beating up carlos was hilarious XD
and the 2 smoking weed and just going yeeeeeahh brosif, soz didnt heeeeeeear yeah yeeeeeeeah

XD funny as hell
more please, dont stop haha

oh my god

god i used to love that show when i was little... now its the shit! god cant believe that little asian chick got pregnant and carlos god i always hated him so thanks

even though...

I´m watching my childhood being raped in front of my eyes by you and your animation still makes me laugh. You´ve created something that gives me a combination of laughing and crying at the same time


this is soooooooo awsome cuz you made it all real and shit and i loved the fight seen


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaha