Reviews for "Kids GAME"

:O uhh

I dident like it . . .srry :O try makin sumthing thats worth whatching

very well done :D

Dude! liked your shorts, characters were simple and yet convencing, and well done. Will we get to see another installment of ' Kids GAME" ?

i smiled

i liked it alot. the only reason i didnt give a full 10 is that in the start i think the sound was off by a bit and thats just something that really bothers me. beyond that though, i really liked it. well done.

Very nicely done

I enjoyed the fact on the way it ended.
Very good animation by the way. I like that style.
Love the ending song too.



Nice and concise.
Captures the imagination of a kid - which is great.

What's the song in the credits called?