Reviews for "Madness Accelerant"


I got stuck twice... Once when I couldn't get down to the clown with the shotgun, and secnod after that scene, the ones with the guys doing pushups, the door wont open and I've killed everything and run out of ammo.

This was in madness mode, i just dont want to try it anymore...

If it would have worked, awesome game.

ShiT BomB

Charactor Cant Move
>=() But i would say The game is Hella BomB
But Than again i cant Move That The only Thing
i Give The game a 10+
Just Not The Charactor Cos it Cant Move When i play it
Get to Like Move Around

Beat it.

I beat your game, but I'm giving it a zero cause you don't know how to configure the controls so they don't stick.

best game

are that very funny

too hard >:C