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Reviews for "Madness Accelerant"


to get pacifist let the clown crawl off screen at the end
BEASTLY GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Fulp is da bomb

Great game! Love how he includeed the giant l337 with the nails in it's head.
The clown so gets it in the end LOL!

Madness mode... uber hard

great game...although in madness mode. i killed it with my fists. epic and super hard

problamy the best madness game around

really really nice
even the addiction of more guns instead of the default machine gun
i beat madness mode i lost 1 life but the clown doesnt escaped his fate and wow
the true face of the evil O_o ┬┤┬┤really amazing`` :P

osim this game rouls

play this game it is so much fun