Reviews for "Madness Accelerant"

Great Game Tom!

Guess wat. Im tellin u how to get all medals.
A winner is you: Beat the game.
Pacifist: No killeh teh clown at the end.
Facerape: You know when you get the chainsaw? The next room kill the guy and then let the shotgun clown boss guy come in and chainsaw his head.
The true face of evil: At the end when the clown fire head dies, put all your ammo out away from the clown, and punch him in the face!
Madness mode: u kno wat to do :D

Good game

Great game but wish there was mele moves

Just Great!

To get the pacifist medal
in the end when you reduce the life of the clown to zero
he will transform into the normal state
and he will try to escape
and you must let him go
is very slow
so be patient!

awesome game

i beat the game i hope they make another one.