Reviews for "Madness Accelerant"

Very well done

I just watched the movie again after playing and although I couldn't play the whole thing due to my computer having a heart attack, what I did do was spot on. Although I did find a glitch where you can double jump plus attack in the direction of the clown at the bottom of the stairs and you can not be hurt even when it shoots the flames and drain the health without worry.

Very fun

And simply awesome. Great work.
Also I got to judge it MWAHAHA!


Everything about this was the best :D

Awesome game

Loved it. Way better than last year's. And last year's was awesome. And these are all understatements

Accelerated Greatness

Madness at its greatest. A simply amazing and fun game. The graphics top notch, the music and sound effects fantastic. Hard as hell but still 100% enjoyable. I loved this game.
Flup, you've done it again sir. "Great job!"