Reviews for ""Hank Goes to Hell""

lololol love it.

Awesome game, but it's harder than hell!

Devil:Wanna fight to the death eh mortal!!?? Hank:*meme face* Challenge accepted..

ItsTheAshtray responds:

can't believe people are doing memes in text form

Tis a good game. It's hard like all the glory games from the past and can be frustrating for some people. But some tips for the next game (if you make one) is that explain his story a little more. Who and why did he kill that random dude. Also, maybe better graphics and maybe give the boss more moves cause I beat him on my second try. But still a great game and you earn more points for the originality.

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Yeah I think i had a decent core idea but I just didn't think everything through before I started putting it together

hard like the games of old


now a few pointers for your next game:

- the main protagonist has a flawed backstory and his motivation didn't convince me

- too few polygons, ur not even using Shader 2.0 avaiable since DX9

- no walkthroughs WTFFFFF?

- cheats, i goggled it but couldn't find any!

and lastly but not leastly

(you forgot to add double jump to the in-game instructions, cant win without it)