Reviews for "Madness Vengeance"


the part where one of the bad guys died due to electrocution was ingenious =D

DrClay responds:

I did think people would see that he hit the light, that's a relief. Thanks! =D


it was different from normal madness although not in any case better. Anyway anything: It was awesome! I love tag ups! but when hank blowed up the prison the count should have gone to 99^^

DrClay responds:

that thought did cross my mind, but I wasn't sure if everyone would understand...

Thanks for the review


this is cool i like madness and i dont care if its bad or worst

DrClay responds:



I like your style, gives a bit of a break from the normal comic-ish madness movies. The guns were a little off, but I think that with these beginnings, you can really improve and make yourself a well-known flash artist. 4/5 9/10

DrClay responds:

Thanks for the confidence, I've been on here for a while and sometimes get a little discouraged do to the times when I don't really get noticed.

thanks man, its people like you that keep me going

Quite good

But there are some points you should improve on.

First of all, the name. It's called "Madness Vengence" is your submission's name, you spell it like "Madness Vengance" in your movie, but the correct spelling would be "Madness Vengeance". I don't want to sound like a dick, but come on, it ís the main title and I think that at least that one should be spelled correctly.

Second of all, your drawing style. You colored everything nicely, and drew all your sprites and stuff yourself, which I think is good. But I personally believe that it would have looked better with some thicker lines, but that could just be me.
Also, it looked like you had been a bit lazy with drawing hands, since your characters almost always had the three fingered hand no matter what they were doing. Even if they were holding a rifle they held it with two the same hands at the same side of the rifle, which looked pretty weird.
I wonder why you positioned the glasses above the horizontal eyeline from the crossface, but considering people don't have to put their sunglasses in front of their eyes all the time , it doesn't matter that much.
To end with the negative stuff I should say that most of your guns didn't look too realistic as well. So I would recommend that you draw them from example next time.

I still think it's a good movie though, the storyline, interrogation scene and the triple camera shots, so don't forget about that.
I'm just saying it could have been better.
But I definately hope to see more from you in the future ;D

DrClay responds:

Thanks for the heads up. Its weird though because I remember spell checking that and everything, and nothing said it was wrong.. I guess its another one of those words..

for some reason, I wanted each outline to only be 2 pixels wide, something about it looked nice to me. Like I wanted it to stand out or something.

I actually thought that is how the animation for the series was done, always having the same look on the hands, unless an original action happens (surrendering and such) then the hands would switch to a full palm. just saying...

I didn't really pay attention to the + on the faces, I stuck the glasses where I would see the eyes if I drew them.