Reviews for "Madness Vengeance"

IT was kinda cool

but animation, and sprites werent good.

I like that lamp kill. that was really funny


This is brilliant i just fell off my chair watching it 50/5 100/10

DrClay responds:



The character drawings weren't too smooth but they were great i guess!
Animation is awesome! Make more!

5/5 10/10

And what about the body count? I noticed that i drops to 15.

Good luck with that!

very well done

it would be a bit better if you explained the story in detail: how did the prisoner know hank and where he was, why didn't the prisoner just tell them where he was, why and how did they capture him, why didn't hank just shut him up with a bullet in the brain instead of helping him out, etc. I also noticed during the end, hanks kill count dropped to 15 for a sec, whats that about?

DrClay responds:

well, how did Hank know where the Sheriff was in the second movie, or where Tricky was in the 4th one or where weapons were and everything?

Whats wrong with saving a bad-ass?

I don't think telling the story is necessary, its just one of those movies where you just enjoy and figure what it is at the same time, just like the old madness flashes, which is what I tried to make tribute too

For the kill count, good find...

PM me if you wish to discuss more

great look, hands funny

as far as madness goes i think this is really good even if tricky at the end loks like i doodled with my butt on a good day, (cant doodle with my ass for shit really but the phrase sounded cool.) the kill count is a great idea and i love the hank smoking bit. those bloody gum's/teeth are always made of win. *that and the electrocuting death)

the sketchy look i think gives this animation character and i kinda like the chubby look of hank and the agents~! n_n call me weird but i like my guys as little plump~!

being an artist myself i know how hard hands are to draw so i can only imagine what it must be like to render them in an animation. either way while i thoroughly admit that your hands look stiff and weird but I'll have to give you credit for them as i probably couldn't do this well myself.

Guns looked odd but again i probably couldn't have done better. i hear there's a tutorial rattling around on Newgrounds on how to make realistic looking guns so that might be worth a look-see if you want to do another madness animation.

^_^my only real complaint is that i didn't get to see hank hand Tricky's demonic ass to himself on a bronze platter with the freed prisoner lighting it on fire for the clown. all while doing the chicken dance.

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