Reviews for "Madness Vengeance"


At first i thought: ah. its juz another dumb lousy project some idiot sent in but turn up the be something not bad at all. Nice one.

I noticed when tricky came in...

Monster form, the score on hanks kills went down one, then back up again.

Other then that, 10/10

DrClay responds:

Yeah, never make the counter after you make the animation... other wise you end up changing it for each keyframe...
I leaned my lesson.
Thanks :)

Fuckin Awsome

this was the best madness short in awhile i just had one question: in a few parts the sound droped was that an accident or is that just my sound system?

DrClay responds:

I honestly don't know. If it was me, I really don't know how :P
If you sound system has a huge bass, perhaps it drawns out the other sound, I have a music program that is like that.
If it was me, hmmm...
I can understand if you are saying the music is louder then the sound at some points, but that is because the sound wasn't really the main focus. But if you are saying the volume changes, I honestly don't know. Could be anything as far as I am concerned. Thanks for the review!

Very nice

The only thing I could say that could be better was the times the picture was a little fuzzy during your fades. Unless of course you meant to do that then my bad about the 9 and give yourself an 11 to make up for my score lol. The nice thing about this series is there is room for adding things that Krinkels might not of thought of. Keep up the good work!

DrClay responds:

I didn't mean to do that during fades. Every picture I drew was drawn in photoshop with a resolution of 500 by 420. Of course I did have to lower the Image Quality in the option menu to allow it to fit Newgrounds. I don't exactly know how it could happen on its own, being the fact I use flash 7 and can't use the blur filter as an animation, unless its an image.. Oh well, no harm done :)

Unless your talking about the camera, it looks like there is static then yes I did mean to do that. Reason I did that with the camera is, I dunno... I just thought it looked cool :P
but if you mean the images got all fuzzy themselves and blurry, then no I didn't mean to do that.
Its nice to see people are still reviewing this flash, I thank you.


the pictures were great how you make the characters and guns jus great 5/5 10/10