Reviews for "Madness Vengeance"

sry but

9 stars:|

use real madness charicters next time, but that is rly good

DrClay responds:

Wait, are you saying to use the sprites? Or to use the characters from the series.
Because I did use Hank and Tricky.... Jesus/The Savior was going to come in but I ran out of time.


Yeah, good.


But one question,or maybe more,You know in the end,when the Killer Clown turn into a Monster...actually It does not really look like that you know....No offence but I'm just trying to tell you....

DrClay responds:

Again, my mouse tablet got busted, so it was hard to re-draw him.
I also didn't want to just copy off of Krinkles. I wanted to add in my own original style to the toon, hoping that would make it stand out.


at the end where the clown was a monster, why did it say 15 kills for hank but it was actually 16?

DrClay responds:

Never put the death counter in at the last minute, it was a mistake but that is because I basically had to keyframe it everytime the camera move. Sorry.


Pretty good. You could strech Tricky's face out a bit, though. Good job.