Reviews for "Madness Vengeance"

dont mess with trickys music

or he shall eatz u

DrClay responds:

But then he'll starve D:


I like all works made not in standard style of madness.... This animated cartoon not an exception! I wish successes and that here such animated cartoons at you was more)))

DrClay responds:

I'm sorry, but I can't really understand you...
Thanks for the review though

ok ok

badly dronly

DrClay responds:

no cookie for you mister.

pretty good

I don't think tricky was bad, but the weapons need some work otherwise awesome man

DrClay responds:

The weapons, I drew them how I see them drawn in the original series, I just made my own with the line tool. Next time I guess...

awsome but..

the animation ( especially the explosion) needs work on. but other then that, this was one of the coolest madness flash of madness day! great work!

DrClay responds:

That is the look I wanted to give it, a grainy old style