Reviews for "Hank at the Office"


Brewster responds:

Thank you. I think I can honestly say that this is the best review I have ever recieved of all time. Thanks again.

Good work!
About how long did it take?

Brewster responds:

Oh geez I don't know, this probably took about a week off and on. It's been a while though so I'm not sure.

man your good, if i made one, even a zombie could make a better one

Brewster responds:

I... agree

Boss: i slept with your wife
Hank:*loads gun*
Boss: no wait!

Brewster responds:

oh dude! did you just think of that? or...?

boss:o and i slept with your wife
hank:o O HELL NO!!!!!!
boss is dead lol 1000000000000000 loved it

Brewster responds:

Yes, that is what happened.